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Coming to know Reiki

Having been raised in a Christian household, spirituality is something that I have always been aware of. While my life path has not steered me to follow Christianity, the thought that there is more to life has never left me.


Over the summer of 2012 I had been experiencing stomach pains, that I was told was nothing more than the now common place IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). No changes to my diet or medication seemed to have significant impact for any continued length of time, so I thought no harm in trying Reiki to see if it would help. I knew nothing of this healing technique but needed something to shift what medicine had not yet managed to do. After one treatment I felt an improvement, and after the second treatment the stomach pains vanished.


Reiki helped balance my body, and release stress and tensions that were causing these pains. I was intrigued as to what else Reiki could do so in November 2012 I was innitiated to level one Reiki. At this level we are taught how to perform Reiki treatments on ourselves and others. I spent the next 6 months concentrating on giving myself healing, and my immune system, general temperament and stress levels have been hugely improved through this technique. I found it difficult to find friends willing to give the treatment a go, so found it hard to gain confidence in giving Reiki treatments to others.


In June 2013 I was innitiated to level two Reiki. Since then I have begun offering Reiki healing to others, and slowly this is picking up. This is not a business of any kind, no money is involved.  I have been astounded by some of the results, particulalry by the effects of distant healing and am extremely blessed to be a part of this healing network.

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