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People and Companies that do or show inpiring things Duncan Neil Textile Designer

Tactility Factory

An innovative company that creates unique products combining textiles and concrete for interior environments.


Aoife Ludlow

A dynamic multi media designer currently based in New York.


Helen Storey Foundation

Helen had her own label Coates & Storey in the 90s, worked for Valentino and now works on various projects brining important world issues into the limelight.


Jude Cassidy

A handweaver designing and creating luxury and bespoke woven fabrics.



An amazing website full of inspiring news regarding print and surface design for textiles, and show casing exciting artists.


Turnbull Prints

An innovative textile printer with production units in the UK and Thailand. Offer digital and screen print, block printing and warp printing.


Jill Phillips

A multi-disciplinary designer of fabrics, furniture and interiors.



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