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A little more about Duncan

General interests


 These have changed massively of late. Moving to a more rural location for my current role as Digital Manager at Turnbull Prints has opened up a new perspective on life. Growing as much of our own food as we can in our little garden, volunteering on the farm at the local animal sanctuary have nurtured a desire to get ourselves a small holding, and become as self sufficient as possible. The dream has been begun........




Greater desire for a more natural, organic life has also led me to the big questions, why are we here etc, etc. The healing technique Reiki has become a huge influence on my life. This technique based of balancing and harmonising the Chakras in our bodies in order that our bodies and lives function with ease has had dramatic impact. Tai Chi has also been a hugely beneficial practice to me over the last year, and continues to bring a greater sense of peace with the world as my understanding of this ancient Chinese art grows.

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